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Meet Kreszend, Fashion Graduate, Ghanaian living in Croydon #YemziGirl #55

#YemziGirl Feature 55 (Sep) - Fashion Student living in Croydon


What is keeping you busy?

 Now that I have finished with uni, it has given me the chance to go back to some of my uni projects that I really enjoyed and work back into them. Also been doing hair to express my creative & planning  shoots for it can’t wait for everything with my hair page to come together

Does your heritage influence your career?

In everything I do, I try to include my heritage because if though I was born in United kingdom, I have never left that a belong here. Including my heritage in everything I do makes me feel I little bit of peace. Knowing that I’m carrying my real home.. along my journey. 

Favourite place to eat your native food?

I love egusi and yam from Enish

Favourite series, book or podcast?

My favourite show was The NO1 ladies detective agency bbc stopped it unfortunately but right now it’s QUEEN OF SOUTH. Podcast I do love Jesus and jollof 

Fav quote or best piece of advice?

Don’t let hurt turn you into a hurtful person 

Beauty product you don't let run out?  

My eyebrows pencil loool 

How important is African fashion when it comes to your wardrobe?

When it come to wardrobe I’m very simple & wear black ALOT  but I always must have 1 item that stands out. Weather it’s my trainers, beading on my trousers or prints, even my hair must rep where I’m from

What was your summer 2020 most played song?

Blessed by Buju Banton, Trench Baby by Cashh & Here Now by Snoh Aalegra 

What piece of Yemzi do you love or have your eye on?

I’m in love with the silk scrunches I love them all 

Personal instagram  @evaasackey

Business nstagram @atelier55design