#YemziGirl Feature 35 (January) - Edem, Model & Presenter from Ghana

#YemziGirl Interview January, Edem Fairre, Model & Presenter from Ghana


Please describe what you do, where you are from (and your age if you feel comfortable)

E: I’m a fashion model and a tv Presenter From the Volta Region of Ghana Tell us all about ‘Edem Fairre’ Edem Fairre is brand created around a model named Edem Farrie Born on the 1st of July I’m an award winning fashion model and Tv presenter in Ghana


How did you break into modelling and later presenting?

E: Modeling for my happened by chance, I went in for a passport picture and before I realised I was signed next billboard then international adverts, The Presenting started with me helping a friend with his show at TopTv then later I started with Redcarpet for Fashionghtv Now I host two shows Vienntys and TMG tv. It’s wasn’t as easy as it’s been out but that’s the basics


Do you have a role model, mentor or anyone that you look up to?

E: No,I believe we though we might seem to be on the same path we are all faced with different challenges and opportunities hence looking up to someone without knowing how they became who they are can mess you up. So stay true to you and let God lead.

Your image is international, who have been your favourite clients?


E: Woodin T’exiles and Max international, Yemzi You are very active on instagram, does social media play a significant role in your career? Yes it does, I think most people spend more time on social media than on television hence it is very important for me to start sharing on social media just to keep viewers updated for full details.

Do you face challenges as an independent model?

E: It is but I recently got agents working on my behalf so it’s better now.

You have a very bubbly and playful personality, have you always been that kind of girl?

E: Always, Hehehhehehe , I am focus when it’s work time but naturally am just playfully happy. Life’s too simple to be serious all the time don’t you think? Hehehhehe.



What's been your greatest achievement?!?

E: I don’t think I have achieved it yet. I thought I did when I worked with Woodin but now I have a bigger picture and I just realised I’m just on the path to that “greatest Achievement

Does your petite frame require a lot of maintenance? E: At first i had to exercise twice a day with a less of fatty food. But now I think I’m in a comfortable position, I don’t seem to be gaining weight or loosing.

In Ghana I noticed the women are curvier, is this reflected in your industries or are slimmer frames preferred?

E: Mostly for runways,slimmer and taller models are preferred but it depends on the clients because others prefer plus size model. I will put it 80:20 respectively.


As we are still in the Ghana takeover tell us where in your country we must visit (any fashion spots of events to attend throughout the year)?

E: Accra fashion week,Mercedes benz fashion week, glitz fashion week and of course you can tune in to Vienntys @joyprime 9:30am Dstv 281 for fresh updates.

What would be your dream shoot - models that would slay alongside you, the makeup artist, photograoher, location?

E: Joan Smalls and Candice Swanepoel located in the desert or beach, photographyI haven’t thought about it yet. But it depends on the concept so am cool.

What are your 3 tips for succeeding in the fashion and entertainment industry?

E: Stay hydrated Learn And stay humble no matter what.

As #YemziGirl January we have to know have you set goals for 2019 and if so what are they?

E: I have but I will only tell you privately. Hehehehhe


And finally what is your favourite quote?

E: Never loose sight of your authenticity. That’s all you’ve got.

Instagram. @edemfairre

Twitter @edem_fairre

Facebook page @edemfairre