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Welcome to #YEMZIDISCOVERED, the first in the series of blog posts where we explore new territory. This month we are looking at 'Plus Size' clothing and the ladies who wear it. Being tall and slim it's usually assumed that my clothing is for females with a similar physique, but that's not the case. Get to know Amy, a fan of the Yemzi brand who is not the typical size 6 model. Through our brief conversation we learn how to better cater to #YemziGirl's of all shapes and sizes.

What does plus size mean to you and is it a label that you are comfortable with?

To me, plus size means normal, curvy and beautiful. I always call myself a plus size model as it sparks conversations and is an avenue for me to educate people with a wrong mindset of size and modeling. I do not see plus size as a negative word and I have always embraced this.

How important do you think it is that Yemzi provides clothes for women who are considered 'plus size'?

I believe businesses have to be customer centric and the term plus size is actually regular sized people. Not having these sizes especially in the black community limits the target and reach of the brand. i was excited to see Yemzi stepping outside the box to embrace curvy women.

Do you find it difficult to find fashionable clothes that fit well?

It is extremely difficult as it seems most designers do not leave room for curves. Having hips or being big chested drastically reduces the fashionable clothes that can be found in the high street. For me, I have taken time out to search for brands that appeal to my body type and usually shop with these designers.


Customers often assume that Yemzi is for slim modelesque females but in fact we currently cater to UK size 6-18. Which plus size brands are your favourite and why?

For me, I do not have a brand that only caters to plus size in mind. I love debenhams, Next and Dorothy Perkins as they create pieces with a lot of stretch giving space for different body types and stock a lot of variety for plus size women.


What is it that designers like myself have to consider when making clothes for curvy women?

Designers have to realise that no one size fits all. Size 16 women can be so different. One could be top heavy and the other bottom heavy so design for plus women have to be flexible for these reasons. Stretch and appropriate length is a curvy woman's best friend.

Standing at 5ft10 and being a size 8 I find I found really hard to get a school uniform that fitted.

Do you have any similar experiences that made being vulumptious feel like a misfortune?

Yes I do. I have the biggest issue with dresses. Dresses with zips barely fit in my size as I am big chested. I have to buy more flowy and loose dresses to suit my size 16 5ft 9inches frame.


Do you have a plus size role model?

Ashley Graham is a beautiful lady. I love her look, individuality, business focus and general attitude. You need to stand for more than your look which she shows perfectly.

Discovered: Amy Osabuohien

Twitter/Instagram @officialamy1


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