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BTS with Shay for the new Activewear Shoot

Yem: Tell us about your career as a shoot assistant, stylist and creative…

Shay: As a dreamer my career is only now beginning, I’m a perfectionist that likes to learn, sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow & I can honestly say the journey has been fun thus far.

Yem: How was the experience being a part of the Yemzi activewear shoot?

Shay: We kicked off Yemzi's active wear shoot essentially with a road trip, music low, great debates and beautiful views. The icebreaker was so unintentional and real that when it came to shooting it there was such a synergy you would of thought we all grew up together. Everyone played their role and then sum. A wholesome day out with my extended family.

Yem: How do you usually prepare for a photoshoot?
Shay: Mood boards and long walk, walking helps me develop my ideas as I stare into space and take in the scenes around me 

Yem: What equipment or tools do you typically handle on the day?
Shay: I always like to have clips on me, essentials for a shoot & I can not forget my trusty iPad.

Yem: What roles and responsibilities did you have on the Yemzi shoot?
Shay: Bts / content creation, baby sister and mainly giving perspective on initial ideas and concepts.

Yem: Can you share any behind-the-scenes challenges or interesting moments from the shoot?

Shay: As we was shooting On a sea front the rocks where quiet slippery and there was cause for concerns about safety, I did think of ways to maneuver if there was any accidents but that’s just how my brain works as most sets don’t have health and safety in mind unless you have a big crazy budget.

Yem: What tips do you have for brands, artists and creatives planning their shoots

Shay: Get to know your teams strengths and weaknesses.

Yem: Do you have any tips or advice for maximizing the success a photoshoot

Shay: In the end we all want to win, put your best foot forward and let your limits as a creative known. 

Yem: Finally, which is your favorite set from the collection (Pearl, Fanta, Sage or Sky) and why?

Shay: Sky, simply because less is more 

Thanks Shay!

See more from Shay on instagram @shaycasanova


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