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Describe what you do, where you are from and your age

Fashion Stylist, Film Photographer & Founder/CEO of GRL GNG 27, West London


Where does the name Naysap come from ?
A nickname given to me a long time ago - then when I first made an instagram account I just used it as my name now everyone calls me Naysap lol

Was Pulse88 radio presenting days key for connecting with the clients you style today?

Hmmm yes because the first video I styled was one of our first guests we had on our show and no because I get quite a lot of my clients from word of mouth as well as social media.



You've styled award-winning young black British music stars such as Lil Simz, RayBlk and MsBanks, who's next to be blessed with your vision?

Atm I’m working on a show on KYRA tv doing some styling but I’m hoping to style ASAP Rocky one day or Rihanna so let’s see where the wind takes me.

On Queen radio Nicki Minaj said she rated your styling for ‘Talk to mi nice’ by Lisa Mercedez, how does it feel to get industry recognition and has it increased your bookings or cost to hire your services?

My name wasn’t mentioned but still it was nice to hear that she rated my styling but the thing is as as stylist you never really get the recognition you deserve, it’s a hard one. My price went up way from the beginning of the year tbh I really realised my worth and put my foot down & I’ve been doing some amazing stuff, I got to work with Sean Paul this year, so that is like one of my highlights this year.

This year you've collaborated with Uber and Adidas, tell us about it…

I collaborated with Uber on a project for international women’s day where I started a conversation about the low number on blue plaques dedicated to women around London & I gave them three women that in my book deserve a bigger platform. It was a really good experience, I enjoyed every minute of it and the video was literally everywhere lol.

I also hosted two t-shirt customisation workshops with Adidas which was fantastic I’ll defo be doing some more workshops from now on I really really enjoyed them.


GRLGANG is a really dope platform for talented female musicians to perform live. I reached one, maybe two events since 2016 and it's one I also hope to attend again. What's your vision for the event and how do you keep it fresh as well as functioning almost 3 years later?
GRL GNG is my baby it’s a reflection of me and my style so it’s always going to be fresh and fun. I plan to do so much with GRL GNG I’m going to travel to world and do events etc there’s so much I have under my sleeve which will be revealed soon.

I imagine your events and styling jobs would be a great chance to take images and video content. Do you still have time for that or is it something you've now left behind in order to focus?

Yeah I do all the photography for GRL GNG and when I’m on shoots I always take photos I don’t do filming anymore it’s just long and I hate editing videos lol but photography is the one.

When you was at college you planned to become a lawyer, I'm predicting it's going to become very trendy to be on the courtroom podium now that Kim K is sitting her bar exams. Give us an idea as to how you'd style yourself for your first day in court as a certified lawyer

Looool how did you know??? I wanted to be a barrister or a forensic scientist!! *rolls eyes at Kim K*

Ummmmm I’d probably wear a champagne coloured or even a mint green satin pant suit with some pointed shiny stilettos to match the suit. And of course gold jewellery.


From studying Multimedia Journalism at Southampton Solent to where you are today, what has been your most memorable career moment so far?

Probably taking the step to become freelance and work for myself I’ve been working so hard these past few years and it’s starting to pay off - believe me it was a struggle in the beginning but it’s getting way better.


O we certainly believe i! You can take images, make videos, style, host radio shows, run music events, cook #naysapskitchen, what's next to master?


I wouldn’t mind giving DJ’ing a go you know I would be a house/techno DJ with a splash of bashment.

And finally what is your favourite quote?

You don’t ask you don’t get

That’s one my parents would tell me! Make sure you follow Naomi on IG to keep up to date with her movements @naysap_


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