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Charitable Pageant - Miss Pride Of Africa 2017 - Yemzi Design Workshops

Good Evening!

How is the autumn season treating you so far? It was a whirlwind of a summer with so many events! At Yemzi we started off the warmer weather with #YemziGirl talk at The Arcola Theatre for Africa Week Dalston in May, Africa Utopia at Southbank in July, then Africa Fashion Week in Freemasons Hall and The Branding Fashion Panel Discussion in August and most recently Congo Fashion Week in September for London Fashion Week!

For the past two months, alongside completing the SS18 collection (to be unveiled in 2 weeks) I have been participating in Miss Pride Of Africa 2017. I am contestant number 13, representing the giant of Africa, Nigeria!


As a Print and Fashion Designer I am predominantly behind the scenes. I draw, design, direct but now I am in a new position. As a #MPOA finalist I am working on my catwalk and basic stance rather than checking how the models that show up for my casting move and interact with the camera. I am practising my dances and learning my speeches.

My charitable campaign is a dream of mine, to take Yemzi Design Workshops to Nigeria!


I ran my first design workshop in 2015, in association with Peabody's Threads Project.



Depending on the project or school the work we produce varies but my ultimate aim is to provide a safe space for young girls (sometimes boys are allowed) to get creative, learn new skills and make friends. Sometimes the result is that and more, with attendees making items to sell or using the artwork they've made towards a portfolio to apply to school or college.


If I became Miss Pride of Africa 2017, a runner-up or remain a finalist, expect to see more Yemzi Design Workshops coming soon.

I hope to see you next Saturday, November 4th at the grand finals in Boleyn Banqueting Suite!

For discounted tickets contact me directly this week or purchase online here.



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