Founder & Designer

"Influenced by my British upbringing in the English seaside, I dreamily recontextualize my rich Nigerian heritage through womenswear."  
- Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade
The Vision
Sustainable Street-Luxe Bohemian Fashion inspired by West Africa. Made With Love in London for the Active Dreamer. The trend conscious but not the trend led, the bright, ambitious, with timeless style and otherworldly essence. She is self-confident, creative, free-spirited, nurturing and alluring #YemziGirl  
3 Brand Pillars
Made In London
Each item is hand sewn in limited quantities In London by skilled seamstresses.

Social Sustainability
The finest fabrics and safe dyes are carefully sourced.

Fine Art Fashion Prints
My oil paintings and fine-liner mark-making inspired by iconography, patterns and textures from West Africa are digitalised to create trans-seasonal fashion prints.