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 #YemziGirl Feature 58 (Dec) - Jamiyla JamyGelz, Nail Technician/Artist


Tell us about yourself and what keeps you busy... 

Hi I’m Jamiyla, Jamy for short, I’m 27 years old and a Nail technician/Nail artist from Croydon. 

I’ve been a nail tech for about 11 years working full time in salons from Notting Hill to Chelsea. As you may know we were on lockdown for about 6 months so I used this time to push on my mobile Nail work so till now (December 2020) this is keeping me VERY busy at the moment 


What's most rewarding about being a nail technician?

Hmmm honestly the relationship I build and have built with my clients I appreciate them a lot, they motivate me to work harder 


Tell us about your personal nail journey...

Hmm so when I was about 15/16 I loved (still do) a girlband from south London called Stooshe and they always posted the nail art that they had done on Twitter and I loved it so I used to copy and tweet them. They would always reply telling me my nail art was so good so it kinda started there 


Which nail products do you always keep stocked?

TOP COAT & and nicely sharpened tools (cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers )

Fav nail shape and why?

My favourite nail shape is squoval it’s the perfect shape and it’s suits almost everyone it’s also very flattering 

What is the biggest nail myth?

Biggest nail myth is that gel ruins’s more the way the technician removes and reapplies and also how the client handles their nails at home i.e washing up with out gloves, using nails as tools, peeling gels off etc



What are the key 2021 nail trends?

Hmm it’s definitely going to be pastels...abstract nails...and I hate to say it but french manicures with a twist!


Fav quote or best piece of advice?

Quote- “I make nail contact before eye contact “

Advice - I will always live by “practice makes perfect “


What piece of Yemzi do you love or have your eye on?

I love the scrunchies....but I have no hair haha


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