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Meet Winnie #YemziGirl #56

Meet Winnie #YemziGirl #56

Meet Winnie, Model and Talent Agent from Kumasi, Ghana #56

What is keeping you busy?

My agency @_winwinlinks


How did you begin your career?

I saw an audition on tv 


Where does your entrepreneurial talent come from?

My entrepreneurship talent came from my profession.(modeling)


It has been two years since we met in Kumasi, what has changed?

I got the chance to work with different big brands in Ghana  like ATL 


Favourite series, book or podcast?

The power of positive thinking 


Beauty product you don't let run out?  

Makeup foundation (Fitme product)


What was your summer 2020 most played song?

Yagye Sika by itzLific 


Fav quote or best piece of advice

No condition is permanent 


What piece of Yemzi do you love or have your eye on?



Instagram @mhyzwinnie

Twitter @misswinnie10