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#YemziGirl Interview October, Michelle Duberry


1. Please describe what you do, where you're from (and your age if you feel comfortable)

M: I’m Michelle Duberry, I’m a nail technician of 20 years, 37 in age but looking 25. My parents are from Montserrat, West Indies, born in UK


2. What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

M: Meeting different people and making them happy…there’s something about getting a beauty treatment that changes your aura, the way you conduct yourself, talk with your hands, and generally feel.


3. Where do you work?

M: At present working from home.

I was doing Google HQ for 7 years in Victoria and Tottenham Court Road branches.



4. Which well know clients have you done nails for?

M: Snoochie Shy, Ms Banks, Nikita Johnson, the Princess of Bahrain, Afrolista Racheal, Curlure UK, Paigey Cakey,



5. Who would you like to do nails for?

Moira Stewart, she was the first Afro-Caribbean news reader - I watched her on TV growing up and loved her style.


6. Where did you learn your craft?

M: Enfield college many years ago, I also did hairdressing but didn’t follow that path.


7. Advice for #YemziGirls who want to follow your path?

M: Practice, practice, practice, follow your voice. Continuously practice your craft, there is no limit. The crazier the better; nails have no limit.



8. What inspires your nail work?

M: The clients personality. i get them to pick 2 colours and I will vibe off our convo. I feed off of the persons energy for the nail design.


9. Biggest challenge in nails?

M: Small nail beds and long nail dreams [laughs].

If your nail beds are small and you have long crazy nail dreams where are you going?



10. Fav colour and shape and its significance to you?

M: Being an artist I use a lot of colours I’m not biased to any colour.

I love the round point shape no matter what hand shape and fingers size you can get away with it - oval, pointed, almond.

11. Are you a plain or printed type of person?

M: Printed!



12. Greatest achievement?

M: Owning the salon and being resident manicurist at Google whilst being a single parent.


13. And finally what’s your favourite quote?

M: I deserve everything I desire



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