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I've just launched my first ebook, here's the tea...

I’ve just launched ‘HOW TO BECOME AN INFLUENTIAL FASHION DESIGNER IN 10 EASY STEPS (WITHIN MONTHS)’ as the first book in the series of Yemzi Design Workshops guides.

I am heading to Ghana next weekend, where amongst lots of many exciting plans, I will be running Yemzi Design Workshops for young girls.

Since 2015 I have facilitated workshops for PEABODY’s Threads Project in Hackney, inspire! school in Dalston and at my first studio, the shipping container in Bootstrap’s Bee Garden.


I must confess that my workshop output has been almost non existent this year. I am happy to still be in touch with some of the amazing young girls I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with, almost like a mentor or at least an experienced sounding board. On a slightly different strain in February we had almost 50 women attend our Self-Love workshop in collaboration with Fashion Plug-in. This allowed attendees to listen to questions we prepared for guest speaks ? / ? / Roshni Goyate from The Other Box, illustrator Jasmin Kaur Sehra and twin models Vicky & Jean, later breaking into small groups to exchange information about creative careers and experience, surpassing the topic of Self-Love. The female #girlboss #creative community means a lot to me and that’s why it is so deeply imbedded into the Yemzi label. This blog is largely occupied by the #YemziGirl monthly feature which has been consistent for 33 months, woop!


But this evening I have the first in a very important series of ebooks to announce!

Often when I run Yemzi Design Workshops I am asked for a lesson outline. I started developing this for my trip to Congo where I was planning to teach 200 girls at Noella Coursaris Musunka’a Malika school. After pitching my project to the charity everything happened a bit too fast and there was not enough time to prepare visas and completed lesson plans before summer (due to Yemzi silks I have to focus the summer months on being based in London and selling). The UK summer weather 2018 has been amazing and #slaysilk distribution has been at a record high with sales being generated at Soboye boutique in Shoreditch! However, it is November and I’ve thrown myself into creating an ebook, which will act as my lesson plan for future workshops. And I will test the first ‘HOW TO BECOME AN INFLUENTIAL FASHION DESIGNER IN 10 EASY STEPS (WITHIN MONTHS)’ with girl in Ghanaian schools!

The ebook is now available in the online store. This is the first of many in the Yemzi Design Workshop series. YDW focus on various fashion skills such as repeat design, fashion illustration and simple garment so do expect more PDF guides to follow.

The ebook is an alternative way to learn and very accessible at £4.99. You do not have to be at the workshop to learn with the Yemzi community.


New blog post detailing my Ghana takeover coming on Monday.

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