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#YemziGirl Interview


1. Hey Agnes, please introduce yourself (including your age if you feel comfortable)

I am a creative director and producer working between Paris and London , i also help brands with Marketing Strategies, in the arts, lifestyle, fashion and also consumer good, I have a soft spot for African Creatives.



2. Tell us about the dream you are pursuing...

I think my dream is to be able to live the life that i have set for myself, it has its ups and downs, but it's very fulfilling when you can look back and say wow, I had a fantastic childhood, had a great teenage life, freedom for me is the key, it gives me a great motivation.


3. Apart from following your dreams how do you stay fulfil


My son fulfils me. I love to spend time with him because we have great fun, he got me to travel more, to push myself more and to learn patience and tolerance.

So many things around are just unnecessary drama, he is real!


4. You live between Paris and London, where is home, what's your favourite spot and where do you go to escape the fast paced city life?

I live in London this is where my life is because my son goes to school here, but I spend a lot of time consulting with brands or creatives in Paris, It will always be home for me. But I get creative in London, here I have been able to achieved so much. In my area, Hampstead, I love Highgate Woods, I can walk and get lost there for hours and let my mind wonder, I am very lucky to live near by. I have the same set up in Paris, but one of my fav best kept secret place in Paris is, the Art Gallery "Appartement27bis" founded by the lovely Nathalie Miltat.





5. What makes you a #YemziGirl?

Definitely the mind set, you can be stylish, you can stand out but it does not have to shout, elegance: sometimes less is more.



    6. Do you have a favourite Yemzi piece of clothing or collection?

    The scarf, i love the size, the weight of the silk, the prints. Scarves are very emotional, romantic and sensual.


    7. Are you more of a plain or printed type of girl?

    I am a child of the 70's, 80's so I love prints and coloUr block ad up some Lee Cooper denim to finish the look and I am done.







    8. Your direction for Africa Utopia 2016 was colourful, energetic and ambitious, where do you draw inspiration for your work?


    The Africa Utopia fashion show was really great, I really enjoy doing this and my inspiration as a Producer and Creative Director was coming from my time as a teenager in Paris in the 80's wHere i have been very lucky to be able to go to some of the biggest shows like Montana, Mugler, Sonya Rykiel etc, I've always liked the ones that were like performing art.

    Also as a child I had a god mother that was living in south of France in Avignon, I was introduced to theatre every summer for 10 years. So when you combine my love for fashion and my interest in theatre you get something rather entertaining.

    The big challenge was to get the team, the right casting and sound design but above all to be able to get designers from all over the continent. So I was quite happy that I managed to get a labels such as MaxHosa by Laduma , Delasebure, Tidjanne Kenny, and Yemzi of course, it was a good mix and I can thank Instagram for this.



    9. What was your first big break or major role in industry?

    My first break at 19 was to work as an assistant to Celine Cimador and Gigi Le Page on pop videos and commercial, they were costume designers.

    Then I assisted the Creative Director and publisher of Clam Magazine Andy Rokoroafor as a show / shoot producer, these were amazing years of learning the craft and the business of fashion.

    Then came London and my big break was to work as an artist agent with Webber Represent and Germain Walker, amazing, fun, hard working ladies.

    The better the mentors, the better the creatives.


    10. You've just started the H73 podcast, tell us about it!


    This is a very exciting new personal project, were i get to discuss things that just really interest me but also i get to showcase talents that are not necessarily famous on insta but they are raw talent.

    I will be talking about, art, fashion, business, innovation and entrepreneurship in London and Paris, my first episode is about, "how to start an art collection", with my special guests, Asiko, Fred Ebami and BetterShared magazine and in my spot the talent section, i am chatting with illustrator Dorcas.

    This would have never been possible without the support of The African Centre and their great new location in Southwark.

    11. What are your top 3 tips for making it in the creative industry?

    1. Find a mentor in something that interest you and stick with that person for a good year, there is something to learn in every tasks.

    2. Their is no tasks below you, the goal is to make it happen

    3. It is all about the work, make it outstanding.


    12. And finally, what's your favourite quote?

    Cry a river. Build a bridge. Get over it!



    Insta: @haiti73agency

    Soundcloud: H73 PODCAST

    Fb: Haiti73agency


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