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Please introduce yourself, where you live and what keeps you busy...
My name is Christelle Mengue, I'm 30 and live in South London, currently I'm experiencing being a first time mum 😁 otherwise I am a model and image consultant.
Welcome to motherhood! How has it changed your lifestyle?
I'm so honored to be a mum ❤ honestly is such a different feeling. Well my son is quite a good baby but he definitely requires some attention, I'm lucky to have a supportive husband so I m still able to carry on with my projects even though it has slower down cause my family is the priority.
What does it mean to you to be from and represent Cameron?
When people ask me about my self confidence journey, it's all started by knowing my roots.
I m so proud to be African and particularly from Cameroon.
That's also why It's really important to me representing my comunity which is not well known in the UK, so I take every single opportunity to represent.
Favourite local dish?
That's such a difficult one cause I love nearly every one of them 😅 let's say the ones I can't cook myself and I miss so much: ndollet and okok which are a mixture of vegetable leaf mix with fish and other meat,
How is it to live with albinism?
For those who still don't know albinism is a genetic condition that affect the production of the melanin, (that's what gives people the hair skin and eye color). Because of the lack of melanin our skin is more pron to sun damage. We also have law vision, both can obviously be corrected by giving appropriate care.
So apart from making me look different that doesn't actually impact my day to day life. I haven't always felt so good about it though. I use to suffer from law self-esteem mostly because I wasn't able to explain it to people. Not knowing yourself lead to not accepting yourself, therefore people won't accept you. It took me years but now I'm truly embracing this part of myself, and encourage everyone who struggled with insecurities and self confidence to do the same.

Tell us about your current projects
I'm currently trying to develop my image consulting activity online by virtual coaching, I have also joined the organising team of Miss Cameroon UK as a mentor for the contestants for the very first edition of the pageant. Which I'm really excited about. And I keep receiving modelling projects for after the lock down, so that's pretty much all.
What's your greatest achievement?
Hands down my own little family 😊. Professionally it will be to be able to inspire people and share my story everywhere I could (biggest platform was Sky News TV show) and been able to overcome most of my insecurities.
Your favourite quote...
Dress the way you want to be addressed
Your fav Yemzi piece?
Bella off shoulder top 😍, I'm thinking about gifting myself for my birthday
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