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#YemziGirl Feature 25 (March) - Zateesha, Hair Stylist from East London

#YemziGirl Interview


1. Hey Zateesha, please introduce yourself, where you are from, and what you do...

Z: My name is Zateesha, i'm from East London and i'm a Hairdresser

2. How many years have you been finessing peoples hair and how did this journey begin?

Z: I've been braiding since I was 7 years old, however I starting my apprenticeship almost a decade ago. I was fortune enough to to be under the guidance of one the best Afro hair Stylists.


3. You are a humble young woman but please tell us all the dope publications and inspiring people you've collaborated with to serve hair looks?

Z: I've had my work published in Galore, Asos, Clash,Wonderland, Stylist, Notion, Rollacoaster. I've also had the pleasure to work Ray Blk, Etta Bond and Leah Abbott to name a few.


4. What has been your most memorable hair job?

Z: My most memorable hair jobs was for Skepta's KaiKai Karoke, the whole concept was incredible, giving me free reign to go crazy . There was no photography on the night so I have no pictures but it's definitely my favourite hair to date.


5. Is there a particular look or person's hair you'd love to do at the moment?

Z: I would love to do your hair, you have beautiful hair. I really love natural abundant hair.


6. Greatest achievement to date, hair or otherwise?

Z: My greatest achievement was becoming a freelancer, as you know there is no certainty and that can be daunting.


7. You've been very successful in the 7 years that you've been working with hair professionally what advice would you give to anyone considering a similar career path?

Z: I'd say assist as much as you can, take masterclasses to refine your skills and take opportunities that are presented to you. Always be prepared and remember that hair is your priority in any situation. Believe in your talent.


8. We loved what you brought to the table for our SS17 lookbook. Afro hair and traditional styles continue to gain popularity. What's your stance on celebrities like Kim KW labelling styles as 'boxer' and 'Bo Derek' braids?

Z: I love that traditional Afro hairstyles are being celebrated and embraced. While celebrities face backlash for wearing braids I believe at the centre of the issue are the journalists/bloggers who misinform readers without doing their due diligence as they should. At a press event I gave a journalist a brief history on braids, what was shocking is that the week before she had an article in a national magazine incorrectly labelling braid styles.


9. What hair trends do you predict for summer 18?

Z: I think texture will reign supreme, so thats kinks, curls, waves and flyaways. Also hair accessories will be big this summer and something I will start incorporating into my own hair looks.


10. There's a lot of talk about hair types and textures, do you categorise hair by the 4c, 4b etc? Is it actually useful for those seeking to manage their hair or more a way to categorise and generalise people?

Z: I understand the natural instinct to categorise to attain a better understanding but I do not agree with it. I liken it to a caste system for hair. The first curl key I was introduced to my a major cosmetic Afro hair brand suggested using a relaxed on certain curl types to achieve the "desired" texture.

11. Please share with us your top 3 tips for textured hair including key products?

Z: 1 - Sulphate free shampoos only, cleansing is vital as it prepares the hair to allow moisture in. They are many different types to suit all hair and scalp needs.

2 - Trims/haircuts are so paramount in maintaining healthy hair, although many people fear stylists get scissor happy it is beneficial for healthy length retention. I recommend my clients have their hair trimmed every 8 weeks, they resist at first but thank me later.

3 - Always use masks/treatments to replenish moisture. Our hair goes through so much from heat styling, tension through styling, environmental changes. These all take their toll on your hair so it's important to protect and repair your hair.


12. Do you have a hair crush, someone who's hair in consistently slayed to your taste?

Z: Tracey Ellis Ross is my hair crush, her hair is always amazing.

13. Describe your dream project...

Z: My dream project would be to hold a collaborative hair exhibition but I plan to make it a reality so I won't say too much.

14. And finally, your favourite quote?

"Like poetry, fashion does not state anything. It merely suggests" - Karl Lagerfield


More from Zateesha:

Instagram @zateeshahairstylist Facebook @zateeshabarbour

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