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#YemziDiscovered Farah on Launching the Worlds First Luxury Vegan Condoms Designed for Women


The worlds first luxury vegan condom is here and it's designed with women in mind! HANX, derived from the term 'hanky panky' (which means to get sexual with someone) has just hit the shelves. Its ethical values, beautiful and discrete packaging has us rather excited. For the third edition of the #YEMZIDISCOVERED series, exploring inspiring stories of women in action we catch up with the smart and ambitious Farah Kabir, co-founder of HANX,


1. How did you and your co-founder Sarah Welsh come about starting a condom brand?

Sarah and I realised there was a huge gap in the market. Buying condoms is not a positive experience, they are in bright garish packets, next to the pregnancy kits, and it evokes feelings of shame and embarrassment. What’s more, there is a lack of sustainable and luxury brands. Hence, HANX was born. Sarah was working in sexual health clinics when the discussion arose, and was seeing the rise of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies every day. The male condom is the single most effective safe and non-hormonal contraceptive that protects against STIs. It is archaic to have such a taboo around women carrying and using them. Now more than ever, women are taking control of every aspect of their lives.


2. What was the process like from idea to final product with its beautiful packaging?

We have been working on HANX for 2 years now, with product development and design being a large aspect of this. As a medical product there were many aspects we had to consider to ensure we were compliant with the necessary regulatory bodies. We had an incredible designer, Ashleigh, who helped us develop the logo and packaging designs, which accurately represent our brand and the premium materials ensure we are luxury. The journey was exciting, eye-opening and frustrating at times! But we are so happy with the final product.


3. Before HANX you worked in investment banking, and Sarah within health, were these crucial factors in the success of your launch this August?

Yes, we had very different careers but they compliment each other perfectly for HANX. Launching a company within sexual health (where Sarah has worked) and having my relevant background ensures we are the ideal team to launch such a company. Also, we are childhood friends and can be honest and open about everything, traits essential in our success thus far.

4. What have your parents said about your new business?

My mother is extremely supportive and I am so grateful for this. Working on an initiative that empowers women whilst taking control of their health is something that my family are proud of. Of course, it is still a taboo topic and especially given my cultural background, this was yet another barrier. However, it is 2017 and I think there needs to be more role models from different backgrounds embracing female empowerment irrespective of race, culture or religion.

5. Have you had any embarrassing moments with traditional condoms which made it a must for HANX to be discreetly packaged?

Bumping into my boss down the condom aisle with a bright red pack in my hands! Mortifying!


6. On the website HANX is described as a lifestyle brand, apart from allowing us to get our freak on stylishly and safely what else does the company aim to offer?

We offer a community to discuss health, social, and lifestyle issues. Our HANX blog and social media channels highlight topical issues, and we aim to allow our community to take control of every aspect of their health and wellbeing and be proud to do so.

7. We are really excited by your core values, should we be expecting femidoms or luxury vegan lube any time soon?

We are excited to establish our brand here in the UK, make HANX a household name whilst changing behaviours. Expect expansion both geographically (first Europe, then the rest!) and product ranges. First and foremost we will expand our HANX male condom range, but keep your eyes peeled for more products to come! We are focusing on sexual health and wellbeing, embracing natural and sustainable products, all the time allowing women to take control.


More from HANX here!

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