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#YemziGirl Feature 36 (Feb) - Adwoa aka Miss Brown Got Around - Model and Lifestyle Blogger


Please describe what you do, where you are from (and your age if you feel comfortable)

A: I am a chameleon and what I do often depends on the situation, brief and price (how much I need the money too) #UnlimitedCapabilities

Do you have a role model, mentor or anyone that you look up to?

A: Me


Who have been your favourite clients?

A: Afrobeats n Brunch, Puma, Fenty, Richard Caring, Warehouse UK- most of the fashion creatives I know and have worked with directly to create siiick images

Miss Brown you have certainly got around but where else do you plan to travel?

A: Almost everywhere except Dubai (no culture) and South Africa (effects of Apartheid is still raw) unless it's for work.

Does social media play a significant role in your career?

A: Probably

What's been your greatest achievement?

A: Being me


You've just got back from Ghana, what were your holiday highlights?

A: Too much to mention follow my instagram and you'll see a few up already. More details will be on my blog Miss Brown Got Around soon so subscribe or follow in the meantime

How does summer in London compare to your motherland?

A: Well in Ghana it's hot pretty much 365 days compared to 5 days in London and I can eat Waakye at 3am, Fan Ice for breakfast and the Fufuo is actually pounded which often isn't the case in LDN- If you know! Check out my previous blog 'Ghana! You must go- says it all

You figure is amazing, what are your 3 tips for staying in shape?

A: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. You already have the answers so just do it. Keep doing it


Did you make any new years resolutions and have you stuck to them?

A: I don't do new years resolutions so I will continue to give less phucks and drink more water

And finally what is your favourite quote?

A:. At the moment it's 'Knowledge is power. Courage is super'- that's my own quote

IG @Missbrowngotaround


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