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#YemziGirl Feature 11 (Jan) - Bianca Brown, Make-up Artist from NYC

Happy New Year! It's the first Sunday of a new month which means we present to you a fresh #YemziGil with style, ambition and talent. For January the spotlight is on our girl Bianca Brown aka Binky! Lets get straight into it...



What's your hustle and what's dope about it?

As a makeup artist I'm constantly working with multiple talented people in collaborative projects for television, film, music video's, magazines, campaigns and look books in NYC. The internet has opened up so many people to connect and new business owners. I explore individuals who speak from their soul, I've starting a blog to feature the stories behind the products that talent creates. Highlighting imperfections and making them I'm Perfection moments.


What do you get up to for fun?

Since I'm a NYC resident I enjoy the festivals in NY/street fairs in the summer and also amusement parks, a roller coaster ride will always put a smile on my face.



3 things you love most about your city?

Architecture, restaurants and the great music heard on the subways



What makes you a Yemzi girl?

Because I have a story and a love of all things beauty


What's your favourite Yemzi piece?

The shirtdress, it's like a long robe with lots of volume when walking, I enjoy the movement and flow.



Are you more of a plain or printed type of girl?



8. What's your star sign and does it reflect anything about you?

Libra, I Believe in Balance



9. Top 3 natural beauty tips?

1) Turmeric and yogurt mix for bright skin

2) Lemon on the skin for even skin tone and oily skin

3) Lip gloss, mascara and a smile, never leave home without it


10. And finally, what's your favourite quote?

Energy is Beauty


IG - @bbrownmua

Blog - Binky's Diary

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