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#YemziGirl Feature 26 (April) - Cory aka Makuriya Spanish Senorita, Dancer and Fitness Entrepreneur from Sierra Leone/Spain

#YemziGirl Interview


A friend of the Yemzi label casted Cory for our fashion show appearance at Pop Brixton in summer 2017 and the rest is history! Cory is always a pleasure to work with and we appreciate her hustle and good heart.

1. Hey Cory, please describe what you do, where you're from and your age...

C: I’m a 19-year-old young entrepreneur with a strong passion for dance, fitness and fashion. Currently living my life in the busy streets of London and with interesting mixes of backgrounds of an African descendent and a European lifestyle; Afro Spanish – Sierra Leone, Gambia and Spain that’s where I come from.

2. How many years have you been dancing and what does it take to be a great performer?

C: I’ve been dancing my whole life it runs in my blood. I started to take my dancing career serious 4 years ago and I believe what makes someone a great performer is someone who is passionate, dedicated, humbled and always ready to learn and teach others.


3. Which music videos have you danced in?

C: I have been in quite a few music videos and it has been truly a pleasure as every single one has brought up different experiences and the opportunity to work and meet amazing people. I’ve worked with Colz, Efosa, Rude bone, Niki Tall, Mr.Jayvick, Double A, Stunnah Gee, Jaij Holands, BM, Bad Bunny, Ycee, Kcee, NGS, Geko, Moloego, Ike Chucks, Olamide, Eugy, Mr Eazi, Korede Bello, Sarkodie.

4. Who do you want to dance for next?

C: I would love to dance for Wizkid, Beyonce, Rihanna and few people more…


5. Get fit with Cory is a dope idea, how did it come about?

C: I appreciate that, I came up with Get Fit With Cory when I was 15/16 years of age, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it but I was sure of wanting to help others feel good about themselves and inspire them to do their best. I told my friend who is now my creative director about it and she helped me with the slogan. The passion and love I have for dance and fitness couldn’t just stay with me I feel like I’ve always had to share it.

6. Please share with us your top 3 fitness tips for ladies on the go?

- Believe you can do it.

- Start doing it.

- Commit to it until you’re more than satisfied with the results.


7. Tell us all about your Spanish workshops…

C: The GFWC Afro-Spanish workshop is something I’ve always wanted to attend myself but never seemed to see anyone doing it in the UK. I thought I have to make it happen and partnered up with Anthony Diaz who is now not only my friend but my business partner.

The Afro-Spanish workshop is another way of staying or getting fit whilst having fun and learning new skills and dance steps.

8. Your greatest achievement to date?

C: My greatest achievement is making a living whilst doing what I love not only dancing and exercising also acting as an extra in films to the point I’ve had the privilege of meeting very known celebrities whom I’ve looked up to since I was younger.

9. Your hair style changes all the time! Tell us about your relationship with your hair and what inspired you to serve fresh looks on a regular…

C: My relationship with my hair is very close and important. I believe if you take care of your hair is because you respect and love yourself a lot more. I enjoy experimenting with my hair and that’s the main reason why I like to switch it up when I am able to.


10. Do you ever find that people try to limit or categorise you because of what you do or your appearance and if so how do you deal with this?

C: I do think people try to limit my chances because of how I look, as I am a dark skin girl with strong African features but I don’t see it as a negative way. I believe that if something is meant to be it will be. I see the bright side of it and I think of it as a new motivation, a new way of pushing myself to work harder.

But the non bright side it can be annoying and even demotivating as it’s not always someone would book me because it isn’t the look they’re looking for as it’s not all the time people want to use dark skin men and women for anything. I feel like with me they always have to plan and make sure having me there makes sense because it is not like having a Caucasian or Mixed female because they can be anywhere. From this perspective I do feel categorised but I always try my best to stay positive because it really helps me push myself and open doors for others who are also categorised.

11. Describe your dream project...

C: My dream project would be to work with every dancer in the world, like I would to meet different dancers and work with them, also to work with celebrities to help the process.

12. You’ve worn a few Yemzi pieces, which is your favourite piece that you haven’t had chance to get your hands on yet?

C: My favourite Yemzi pieces would be the black and gold silky bodysuit and the silky green jumpsuit.

Detail of Yemzi Silk Jersey Strappy Bodysuit, now available on 🧡

14. Do you have a fashion style crush?

I don’t have a fashion style crush but I do like some people’s fashion sense like Rihanna, Kanye west, Teyanna Taylor and just people that bring personality into what they’re wearing.


15. And finally, your favourite quote?

C: It never gets easier you just get better,


More from Cory on

Instagram @makuriya_xo


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