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#YemziGirl Feature 7 (Sep) - Ivy, PR Junior Account Manager & Brand Consultant, London

The first Sunday of September is here already! Wow, I guess that makes this the last Yemzi Girl feature of summer 16. We've known Ivy for about a year now, she styled the SS16 campaign shots (the green leafy images taken by Cara-May in Barbican). Let's learn more about this super chick...


1. Hey Ivy, please introduce yourself including your age

I'm a 20 something year old living in London. I do your bog standard 9-5 Monday - Friday and then freelance on the weekend as a fashion stylist and brand consultant.


2. What's your hustle and what's dope about it?

I love being creative! I studied fashion and textile design at 6th form, college and then university and I've been freelancing as a stylist and creative consultant (to newer brands) since graduating from uni. Although designing is my number one love, styling is another way for me to express my creativity and bring my ideas to life.


3. What do you get up to for fun?

I love to organise. I love an organised mess (as long as it’s my organised mess!). I wouldn't call it fun per say but definitely in my spare time I love to organise my shit - it's therapeutic.


4. What 3 thing do you love most about your city?

I'm a London girl. I don't think I've ever heard of another city being quite as diverse as London. I love the mix of ethnicity, the different cultures and the food.



5. What makes you a Yemzi girl?

I'm quite a chilled person most of the times, so I would say that my clothes and the outfits that I wear definitely represent the mood that I'm in on that particular day. YEMZI's pieces look very comfortable and laid back - I could see myself rocking the black and white crop top with the leggings for a day styling on set.


6. What's your favourite Yemzi piece?

I really like the YEMZI green silk playsuit but for an everyday look I’d happily wear the classic silk kimono.


7. Are you more of a plain or printed type of girl?

Oo that's a tough one...a bit of both? Oh who I am kidding! I love a bit of print (I'm queen of the mix n' match!)


8. Yemzi Black Label or Yemzi Gold Collection?

Sagittarian. The most fun loving HONEST & LOYAL sign out there. We keep it real! :)


9. Top 3 natural beauty tips?

  • If all else fails you gotta make sure your lashes are in point. I'm not a massive make-up wearer myself but when I do put some slap on it’s usually my eyes that I focus on the most.
  • Second tip 1tip - always wash your make-up off. Sleeping with your make-up on is not only unhygienic its just damn right nasty!
  • Third beauty tip - don't buy into all these gimmicky skincare products from the big brands, especially for African/Caribbean and mixed race skin, all we really need is some water to cleanse and shea butter to moisturise!



10. And finally, what's your favourite quote?

Black Wall Street was once a reality. Let’s use our past to help us improve the future for the next generation!


IG & Twitter - @loveivyscarlett

Website -

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