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Meet Shade - Partnerships Director, Burlesque Dancer & Accessories Designers

Shade burlesque dancer accessories designer partnerships director

Intro your self...
Partnerships Director for an education company, Burlesque dancer since 2018 and an accessories designer birthed out of COVID.


What is your burlesque style?
My burlesque name is Shady Daze, an exaggeration of myself, because I don’t want to be anyone else. It took a long time to be comfortable in the skin I'm in. I want to celebrate that always - my style is a mix of African culture and British cabaret. I use traditional music and attire such as gele, iro and buba, feathers and tell African stories. It can be sexy, sensual and powerful.

Where have you performed?

At the first Onyx Lounge with members of the Cocoa Butter Club; Phoenix arts club; Wework spaces for corporate charities; Rosemary branch theatre; and a lot of zoom appearances recently with my performance 'Oya'.


How would you describe your personal style?

Bold and with a bit of humour.


What do you miss most about Nigeria?

Not standing out because I'm black, standing out for my own uniqueness.

What is your favourite Yemzi piece(s)?

I like the matching sets, Tey top and Bella skirt.


Inspirational quote or mantra?

I have two:

1. You regret the things you don't do.
2. Be you, be calm, be kind.




Instagram for burlesque @shadydaze_burlesque

Twitter @shadeomi

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