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Yemzi Girl feature 2, April edition, is all about natural hair blogger Nia. After interviewing Nia we need to stock up on coconut oil, water and book her for our Spring hair style...

1. Hey Nia please introduce yourself including your age
Hey my name is Nia aka NiaKnowsHair and I’m 35 years old


2. What's your main hustle and what's dope about it?
If you’re looking for a top quality protective style or just need a break from caring from your natural hair, I’m here to hook you up. Whether it be waist length box braids or funky chunky marley twists, I can give you a look which will make you stand out from the crowd. And not to mention tons of free advice on how to maintain your styles either face to face or through my Youtube channel.

3. What do you get up to for fun?
If I’m not taking time out to chill with my friends then you can usually catch me experimenting on my own hair creating lots of new styles which keeps me entertained for hours at a time

4. What makes you a Yemzi girl?

For me happiness is natural beauty with a splash of style of grace. Yemzi clothing gives me just that, colour, prints and style all in one.

5. What 3 things do you love most about your city?

  • The diversity is my favourite part of my city.
  • I love that no matter what I need at whatever time, there’s always a high likelihood I can get hold of it with ease
  • The friendliness of people in London is beautiful and there’s always an opportunity to have a conversation with a complete stranger every day

6. What's your favourite Yemzi piece?
The print bralets [spbra tops] have to be my favourite and my Purple Hibiscous printed tee


7. Are you more of a plain or printed type of girl?
I don’t think I have a preference it depends on my mood of the day or time of the year.
In the winter I sway more to plain items and in the summer prints with vibrant colours.

8. Yemzi Black Label or Yemzi Gold Collection?
I love all of course

9. Top 3 natural beauty tips?

  • You have probably heard this time and time again but coconut oil truly is the shizzle and I literally use it for everything. Hair, teeth, skin, cooking, coating wood (not that I coat wood often but I know its great to use it for that too lol).
  • Drink 3 litres of water a day, even if it does mean that I spend half the day in the ladies
  • Laughter – there’s is nothing more beautiful that to see someone smile and laugh so make sure you fill all your days with things that make you happy


10. And finally, what's your favourite quote?
‘To thine own self be true’ – Shakespeare
I live by this quote and above all listen to my inner voice in every situation (apart from if it’s a family member who I am scared of and have to respect, then I will listen to their voice instead lol)

See more of Nia here...

NiaKnowsBlackHair YouTube



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