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#YemziGirl Feature 12 (Feb) - Jenny B, Artist from London

#YemziGirl Interview

Hey Jenny, please introduce yourself...

My name is Jenny B Musungay; I’m a Visual Artist based in West London.

I’ve been creating since the age of 7. Fine Art is my background; but I studied Graphic Design at the University of Westminster. My Artworks consists of photography, old magazines, newspaper and Acrylic/Oil paints. Mix Media.



Tell us about the dream you are pursuing...

I’m living one of my dreams, and that is creating; my stories through paintings/mixed media. I would like to think that my Art can create a form of consciousness to the viewers; whether it be about the world we live in; the physical form or/and the spiritual: an awakening.

I am very grateful that I have been able to exhibit my Art works in some of London’s prestigious galleries, and the opportunity to go Amsterdam and exhibit at the Beurs Van Berlage. Travelling and showcasing my Art has always been in the cards for me.

In the long term; I dream of opening a orphanage and school in the Motherland; Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa (the capital, my birth place). The school will solely be for the Arts; I believe that it is important for children to express themselves freely and openly, and Art provides that. It’s a Truth; it’s the answer. Creation is Art; Art is Love and Love is God. Namaste.


Apart from following your dreams how do you stay fulfilled?

Imagination. My imagination. If I’m not painting or doing Digital Art, I am writing, writing poetry. It is in my character to be creative. I guess I am full of emotions; love mostly. I am passionately emotional (If that makes sense lol). And I am very inquisitive…


3 things you love most about where you live?

3 things I love about London:

- The Art scene is good.

- The fact that it is very multicultural

- And I guess the underground Music scene is good too. Overall the talent here is phenomenal.


What makes you a #YemziGirl?

Creativity, Passion, Confidence and Character = YemziGirl

I guess we have a lot in common huh, lol.


Do you have a favourite Yemzi piece?

There are so many Yemzi pieces I like but of course I have a favourite; and that’s the matching Silk Boyfriend Shorts and Silk Sports Trim Sweater.

I have a tomboyish style so these pieces best describes my character I guess.


Are you more of a plain or printed type of girl?

I like both plain and prints; it really depends on how I’m feeling at that moment. I dress to fit my mood.


What's your star sign and does it reflect anything about you?

My star sign is a Scorpio. To some degree I think it does; I mean, the part about the Scorpion being passionate and somewhat sensual is very correct.


Your top 3 natural beauty tips?

1. I use coconut oil for my hair and skin.

2. Exfoliate to rejuvenate skin

3. Drink lots of water daily to flush out toxins


And finally, what's your favourite quote?

“ Imagination is more important than knowledge” - Albert Einstien. And I understand why he says that.




Connect with me: Twitter @jennybm_artist

Instagram @jennybm_artist

Facebook (For events etc):

You can find my spoken word here:


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