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#YemziGirl Feature 42 (August) - Nana Ghana - Actress, Writer and Director from Ghana/Los Angeles

Hey Nana Ghana, please introduce yourself...

N: My name is Nana Ghana, I am an actress, writer, director living in Los Angeles


Tell us about the dream you are living...

N: The dream am living is one I feel very privileged to Iive. I live a life full of creativity art beauty and Joy


Apart from following your passions how do you stay fulfilled?

N: Apart from my passion how do I stay fulfilled? I stay Fulfilled by been of service to others around me.

Which places do you call home and what do you love about these locations?

N: Places I call home for sure will be Ghana, where I was born and raised, I also call Venice beach California my home, as it was the place I developed my self and my art and craft..


What makes you a #YemziGirl?

N: You tell me, what makes me a Yemzi girl (LOL)

Do you have a favourite Yemzi piece of clothing?

N: I don’t have favourite piece yet!


Are you more of a plain or printed type of girl?

N: It depends on my mood, sometimes I like plain other times I like print. It all depends

How important do you feel your acting, writing and video direction is as a black woman in LA?

N: I feel it’s important to be a black actor, writer, director, because the balance of unique stories - of our stories, are scarce and it’s really an honour and privilege to be part of the people changing that narrative.

What are your top 3 tips for girls in the film industry?

1) Trust yourself and know yourself and know your worth

2) Work hard

3) Stay humble and curious


And finally, what is your favourite quote?

N: That’s a hard choice…

I love Oprah’s quote “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”


More from Nana…

Instagram : @nanaghana

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