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#YemziGirl Feature 3 (May) - Tiana, Singer-songwriter from East London, 20

Hey Tiana Major9, please introduce yourself including your age

Hey! Well my name is Tiana Major9, I’m 20 years young and I am a singer-songwriter from East London!


What's your main hustle and what's dope about it?

Song-writing is my main hustle – I love it cause it’s an unrestricted, uncensored self expression. It also allows me to communicate things I didn’t realize I felt and connect with others that maybe in the same boat as me at that time.

What do you get up to for fun?

Ugh, it depends on the day (lol)! I like “DIY-ing” – I live for creating things. Someday’s I’d make a bag, others I’d bake a cake. It really all depends on my mood or what has inspired me recently.

What 3 thing do you love most about your city?

I love the diversity in London, we’re rich in culture. I love UK music, for obvious reasons but also because of the support from peers in the scene. Lastly… I love how accessible things are – hallelujah for TFL though.

What makes you a Yemzi girl?

Because I love colour and I can be as bubbly and as playful as the clothes.

What's your favourite Yemzi piece?

I love the bomber jacket and also the playsuit. They’re both fun and easy to wear and super comfortable.


Are you more of a plain or printed type of girl?

I like mixing and matching my clothes a lot so I’d say I’m a bit of both.

Yemzi Black Label or Yemzi Gold Collection?

The gold!

Top 3 natural beauty tips?

Tea tree oil face wash, drink 2L of water a day and banana and blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

And finally, what's your favourite quote?

I’m a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal women, that’s Me. “ – Maya Angelou


Tweet her @TianaMajor9

IG @TianaMajor9


Youtube /TianaMajor9


Facebook /TianaMaj9


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