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#YemziGirl Feature 10 (December) - ShaSha of Uniquely Wired, 31, from Bedford–Stuyvesant in Brooklyn

It's hard to believe that not only is it December already but I'm also introducing our 10th Yemzi Girl feature! During my trip to New York in May I met ShaSha aka M'Shari whilst exploring Brooklyn under the beaming sun rays. I spotted her perched on a bench on a busy high street doing some kind of craftwork. I asked my friends if I should approach this interesting look character with an afro and cooper at hand. I was so pleased that I did after Sha told me all about her amazing work, the research process and clientele. Gaining an understanding of each other and a mutual appreciate of the arts and African, Sha recommended some cool places to visit such as the BAM Dance Africa festival where I met Binky.


Before my introduction turns into a story lets get into what you came here form the Q*A...


1. Hey ShaSha, please introduce yourself.

Peace and Love, my name is M'Shari Whaley. I'm from Brooklyn, New York, born and raised in the heart of Bed-Stuy; formally known as Do or Die. I am a 31 years old all around Artist and a proud mom. I am the founder of UniquelyWired a place were handmade art expression and wearable healing jewels live.



2. What's your hustle and what's dope about it?

I have many hustles. I'm a painter, jeweler, designer, comedian, mentor, hairstylist, photographer, entertainer, make-up artist, actress and dancer. I am a true artist in many fields. I am what you called a new age renaissance mama. What's dope about all of my hustles is that i am legally blind, and i make no excuses to do what I love to do for a living.


3. What do you get up to for fun?

For fun I enjoy down time with my family. Everything from making slime, to trips to the museum, ladies night including events I host like my topless brunches and shopping parties, dressing up and hitting the town, social events\gatherings, taking trips, we can keep going lol.


4. 3 thing do you love most about your city?

I love the art\artwork in my city, everywhere you turn there is some type of art. A lot of artist come from the city I call home.

The energy of a true New Yorker, we are the dopest/bad asses that you would ever meet.

There's always something going on in my city we live up to that quote the city that never sleeps. There's everything from partying, bar hopping, finding a mate, pop up shops, break out performances, anything you can think of its most likely happening.


5. What makes you a Yemzi girl?

I am a natural Black Nubian Queen, who is confident and loves giving back. I inspire, I motivate and encourage young women to be the best.


6. What's your favourite Yemzi piece?

Anything made in this print (below). I love how it pops out. I love these colours together. My favourite piece is the jacket and crop top in this print. This would be a cool print for a bathing suit



7. Are you more of a plain or printed type of girl?

Both, I like to switch it up


8. What's your birth stone and have you included it in your work?

My birthstones are Amazonite, Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Chrysocolla, Garnet, Gaspeite, Magnetite aka Lodestone, Moss Agate, Peridot, Smithsonite, Stichtite, Stichtite in Serpentine aka Atlantasite, Sugilite, Zircon. Of all these stones I use Garnet and Peridot. Garnet has a strong energy that will ground you by taking excess energy down through the base chakra to the earth star chakra, to achieve spiritual grounding.You feel wonderfully supported by the vibration of red Garnets and the will aid you to let go of worry or any type of fear. Peridot: embody's the frequency of increase, a positive vibration to aid you to increase whatever you desire to have more of in your life.If you desire a growth in the level of your personal abundance and prosperity, the most powerful way to use this Virgo birthstone is to both wear it on the body, as well as using these stones in meditation. I include these crystals in my work by making handmade jewelry using these stone.


9. Top 3 natural beauty tips?

A bedhead hairstyle is always a everyday look.

Coconut oil and black castor oil are my go to moisturizers for hair and skin.

Dark lipsticks with a headwrap is another go to beauty tip.


10. And finally, what's your favourite quote?

"There's more fish in the sea." When i was stuck on a boy that wouldn't pay me no mind my grandmother told me that quote and I found one.

See more from our girl here:

IG: uniquelywiredm/

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